Let’s Start with the basics, Fresh squeezed OJ is always better than store bought and the cup you drink it from is the same. Handmade is always better- that’s where I come in.

Margaret + Beau exists to create playful minimalist ceramics to be passed on for generations. If you buy something quality once it will serve you for a lifetime and hopefully be passed down to do the same for future generations. We update our collection seasonally and incorporate designs that interplay with one another and do custom anything for anyone. I especially love working with cafes and restaurants, or the foodie who wants to restock their entire kitchen!

We believe there is something for everyone, a place for all and that we’re better off together. When you buy goods from us, all I ask is:

1.) That you do a little happy dance when they arrive

2.) And, You invite a friend over for coffee or throw a dinner party

Thank you for choosing to shop small, for investing in artists, and for gathering people together as often as possible!


Rachael Williams, Owner, Margaret + Beau