To be quite honest when I first sat down at the wheel, I was 27 and heartbroken. My now husband (good story for you later) and I had just broken up, I had been working for a coffee roaster in a job I loved, but felt stagnant, and I needed something in my life to shift, something to make me feel like I was growing, and moving forward. Since I was about 21 I had been dreaming of one day opening a small coffee shop or cafe of my own, and to pursue it at the time alone felt overwhelming. A piece of that dream had been that all the things within the cafe were house made, including the ceramics used, so I decided to take a small step, and sign up for my first ceramics class.

That first class was so healing for me, being an extreme extravert and verbal processor, I was instead in silence a majority of my day, left to my own thoughts and dreams staring as the wheel revolved around and around. It was the meditative and messy that I needed. Things woke up in me that had long been pushed down, old dreams merged with new ones, and I slowly started getting the hang of centering…if you’re just starting, hang in there, it takes us all some time.

Knowing me better than myself most days, knowing I needed a new direction, and seeing how much I loved this new medium my sister and her fiancé asked me to make them ceramics for their ceremony and gifts. For fun, I decided to make a name and logo. I picked Margaret + Beau, my grandparents names, because ceramics are timeless and something that can be passed on for generations, like my grandparents have passed down so much of themselves to us. I’m also a hopeless romantic and I needed my work to speak of timeless love that doesn’t wear out, and that is who they are together. I grew up spending countless summer days on their property exploring in the wild of Montana, barefoot, and often muddy. That same feeling came back to me as an adult, sitting down at the wheel, again, playing in the dirt.

Shortly after their wedding, in an impulsive moment, I quit my job, bought a wheel, and rented out a basement studio space in SE Portland where I spent most of my days watching you tube videos, covered in clay exploring this beautiful practice. 3 years later Margaret + Beau is no longer in a basement, but my home studio in NE Portland. The wheel is still an incredibly centering place for me, and I’m still exploring and playing, a cafe still in my mind. Dreams often don’t have a direct path, and often surprise us when pursued. I never thought I would call myself a ceramicist, and yet, here I am. My favorite things to make are the goods I use most often at home, coffee cups, dinnerware, flower pots and vases. These are the ordinary things that partake in the sacred everyday moments we share with friends and family. Life happens around the table, drinking coffee and sharing a meal and its one of my greatest joys to be a part of those moments through the pieces I make. A part of myself goes out in every single piece and I’m so glad to share that with you.