Hi there, I’m Rachael, owner of Margaret + Beau. Just months after my first ever ceramics class, in an impulsive moment, I quit my job, bought a wheel, and rented out a basement studio space in SE Portland. I spent most of my days watching you tube videos, covered in clay exploring this beautiful practice, experimenting and making tons of mistakes. To be at the wheel made me feel like a kid again, and most of my wild and free childhood memories took place in Big Fork, MT with my grandparents, Jeanine Margaret and Donald Beauregard.

3 years later Margaret + Beau is no longer in a basement, but my home studio in NE Portland. I never thought I would call myself a ceramicist, and yet, here I am. Getting to make something from nothing is one of the most satisfying feelings, especially when it means getting my hands dirty. My favorite things to make are the goods that relate to hospitality, food and drink. I want to imagine that cup filled with artisan coffee or mouthwatering meals in the bowls I make. I don’t like to be bound by one specific aesthetic, because inspiration is always changing and so are my designs. My hope is that when you get one of my pieces, it makes you want to throw a party, or host a dinner or invite someone for coffee, but first, I hope you do a little happy dance.