First Show! ADX: GIFTED: A Makers Marketplace Dec.12, 2015


The original plan was to launch my Margaret & Beau ceramics line after the new year, but things started to fall into place earlier than expected, people have been so supportive, and here we are up and running! It's crunch time. Production is in full swing and I am loving having deadlines.

There's something about having a match lit behind you that sparks new ideas and creativity that was lying dormant. I feel like each time I've sat at the wheel recently I've had to grab my notebook to scribble and save ideas for later. There are so many ideas swirling, and I'm inspired, but I need to stay on task. I cannot wait to introduce Margaret & Beau to you at my first show. I hope you'll make it out this Saturday, December 12th, 2015  to ADX in SE Portland and let me know what you think. Come hold cups, take in colors, maybe take home a piece or two. I will have mugs, makeup brush holders, artist cups, vases and planters. There will be so many other amazing artists to check out as well. For more information and a list of all the vendors participating go to 

Can you believe Christmas is so close??

Bursting with excitement,