Our beginnings


Hello World.

Margaret and Beau is a creative line named after my grandparents Margaret Jeanine and Donald Beauregard Metzger. They met in December of 1955 and have been loving each other ever since. My grandfather is a simple man who smells of the outdoors, has hands of leather, he's sturdy as a tree trunk & all held together by suspenders. I would hardly recognize my grandfather without his cowboy hat and smile so big his eyes have to close to make room. My grandmother has two states, laughing or crying. If she is not doing one of these she is talking or sleeping, and sometimes talking while crying or laughing. Red lipstick is her trademark. No matter what the day has ahead, red lipstick will make it better.  I am my grandmother's granddaughter. My childhood was marked by roaming and their humble home in BigFork, Montana. Not only a refuge for me as a place of constance and stability, but of exploration and venturing into the unknown. It was my first taste of home. Time with them has always been marked by the great outdoors, survival skills, the art of rest and old people activities, learning to be self sufficient, building in my grandfather's wood shop, canning with my grandmother, gardening, campfires, fishing, road trips and stories of life and love,  This line is a collection that I hope will speak on legacy and the merging of two very different lives, elements and artistic expressions. I've learned a lot over the years from Margaret & Beau and I hope you'll see bits of them in my work. I owe them my life, literally. If it weren't for their love I wouldn't be here and if it weren't for their story mine would have never begun.

Here's to becoming more and more human, one lump of clay and one bit of story at a time. 

Rachael Williams, Potter/Owner of Margaret & Beau